5 Ways You Can Restart Working Out

In 2014, I worked out a lot.  Like, over 400 times throughout the year a lot.  That means, on average, I worked out 1.1 times per day.

This year, on the other hand, I have not.  In fact, this is the worse year I can remember, in recent memory, when it comes to my individual workouts.  Every time I had started a workout program, I would start to put work before working out (sound familiar??).

Granted, it’s all been for a good cause, but at the same time, weights that used to be my “warm-up” weights have become my working sets.  Every time I started to get back in the groove of working out, it was hard.  I struggled.  I didn’t want to do it.  I would rather do anything.  Binge watch TV, sleep, do work, hang out with friends.  Nearly anything.

Falling out of the groove and then getting back into working out is hard.

Staying in the groove of things is much more easy.

This month though, has been different.  For the first time this whole year, I finally feel like I’ve hit a patch where I’m finally, finally back into the groove of working out.  The question is, what’s changed and how can that help you if you’ve fallen out of the groove?

5 Tips You Can Use to Restart Working Out

1 – I put it as a priority

I didn’t care if I felt like crap, if I was tired, if there was work to be done.  I had to workout on the days that I had planned on working out.  Period.

This is HUGE!  We all have excuses, but when you tell yourself those excuses can NOT be valid, you start to move past them.

Find Time for Things 5 Ways You Can Restart Working Out

2 – I started out easier than I had all year

The weights I was using for the first week, were weights I wouldn’t even consider my warm-up sets, but I was still sore after that first week.

That means, you can’t jump right back into what you were doing and expect to be happy with your workouts.  I had to start super easy, just so that I wouldn’t be discouraged if I had a busy day ahead of me, but had planned to work out.

3 – I made sure I changed my eating also

When I work out, I need more carbs.  I’m not trying to lose fat and as such, for energy purposes, I need to eat enough.  This took a lot of pre-planning and food prep.

4 – I followed a smart routine

I could’ve made my own workout, but instead, I followed one from someone that I trust.  The routine helped me to ease back into working out and had enough structure to keep me focused, but enough variability to soothe my desire for change.

5 – I started at a time that wasn’t insane for me, schedule-wise

I knew in a few weeks, I would be crazy (like next week), but I started it on a day I had off.  I meal prepped early and was able to start with some momentum the first week.  By the second week, my schedule was insane again, but building up some momentum has helped sustain it after that first week.

This time of year is a time that is usually busy, but not insane for most people.  That means they can devote a little more time to eating right and working out consistently.

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Until then, here’s some information about the program.

Program Details

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Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Info@HobokenFitness.com. If not, I hope you are in the groove of working out now. Cheers!

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