Banish the “No Time” Excuse Forever

In the last newsletter, I talked about Doing a Time Log to figure out when you have time gaps that you can use to your advantage.

Today, I’m going to talk about how to find ways to increase your discipline to actually use that time productively.

“No Time” Isn’t Just About Having “No Time”

I own a personal training studio (which means I have 24-hour access to gym equipment) and I’m generally comfortable on getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night, which means I literally can’t use the excuse of “No time” to not workout…like ever.  Yet, sometimes I use this excuse.

Do I have the time?  Yes.

Do I have the will when I “have the time?”  Not always.

What most people mean when they say they “don’t’ have time” is that they are usually not physically, mentally or emotionally ready to do the thing that only requires 15 minutes.

Beyond time, you need to be able to have those additional resources available to you.

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This is why people will complain about not having any time, yet watch 2 hours of TV at night.  Because to watch TV requires no additional resources.  You don’t’ need to be physically ready for it. You don’t need to be mentally ready for it.  And you don’t need to be emotionally ready for it.  This is why if a show is one you do have to pay attention to, you will often delay that until you feel you can focus on it.

This is the real reason most people will use the “I don’t have time” excuse for not working out or eating right.

It’s not only time that’s needed – it’s also discipline and actual physical energy.

Find Ways to Restore Yourself

Have you ever been around someone who says things that really get under your skin, but you can’t say anything against it because it wouldn’t be worth the effort?

If so, then you know what requires emotional labor.  Emotional labor can be taxing, especially if you don’t like your boss or you work with people and you lean more towards being an introvert.

Or have you studied for an exam or  researched something for work that left you mentally exhausted.  Or have you ever gotten a bad night of sleep and then had to work 12+ hours?

If so, then you know how easy it can be to be emotionally, mentally or physically drained and to simply use the “I don’t have time” excuse.

So then the question becomes, how can you “restore” yourself to get the energy back to remain disciplined after a long day?

The key is to find something that revives you and that allows you to simply get started on the activity that you say you “don’t’ have enough time” for.

For example, If I’ve had a long day and am spent from “emotional labor” reading or meditating often tends to recalibrate my brain and allows me to bounce back.

If I’m exhausted physically from lack of sleep and being on my feet for 14-hours, then foam rolling relieves some stress and frees up some energy for me to at least get started with working out.

If I’ve been in front of my computer for the past 12-hours, then eating a snack and taking a small nap (I’ve perfected the 8-minute nap) is a way to help relieve something mentally taxing.

Obviously, these are things that work for me.  And still sometimes, the TV wins, but a lot less often than if I don’t’ do these things.

For others, it might be watching 5-10 minutes of a comedy show on your phone, that allows you to bounce back from an emotionally draining day.

If you’re exhausted, sometimes signing up for a class where you have to show up, gives you that impetus to get started and that allows you to move past the hardest part of working out – showing up.

If you’re mentally drained, maybe talking to a friend is the way you get around the exhaustion.

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No matter what you choose, knowing how to bounce back, at least a little, to give yourself that extra energy that allows you to get started can be the difference between achieving your goals versus being even further away from where you want to be.

All of these things are really about increasing your discipline to do the things that will ultimately make you better.

Banish the “No Time” Excuse Forever

The key to banishing the “No Time” Excuse forever is finding short, but effective ways that helps you to restore you mental, physical and emotional energy so you can get started on things that will improve your life.  Here are 3 questions to start with:

1 – What can you do to help restore your emotional energy, after a long day?  (examples include, reading, journaling, writing, talking to friends, watching something funny, etc)

2 – What can you do to help restore your mental energy? (examples include eating a high protein meal with a little bit of carbs, making sure you drink enough water, taking a small nap, laughing with a friend, meditating, working out, etc.)

3 – What can you do help restore your physical energy? (examples include eating a high protein meal with a little carbs and fat, making sure you’re hydrated, taking a small nap, meditating, stretching, foam rolling, getting a massage, doing a light workout, etc)

Bonus questions:

A –  How can you use those techniques to get rid of the “No Time” excuse for working out?

B – What would you need to do to get-in 3 to 5 workouts next week (the week of Thanksgiving)?

Next week, I’ll discuss the one thing we can all do that has been proven to increase discipline overall and requires no extra emotional or physical energy.  Until then, answer those questions and find the techniques that can help you overcome an emotionally, mentally and physically draining day. Cheers!

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