Broadway and 3 Body Transformation Lessons

My personality tends to do things in bunches and so I usually try to limit myself when I get into new things, otherwise I become obssessed. This is why I don’t allow myself to play video games or start watching new TV shows. Every once in a while though, I allow myself to dive into something new and get fully immersed.

My latest kick are Broadway shows. Despite growing up in Weehawken and being ten minutes from Broadway my whole life, I had watched only three shows before last year. In the past 3 months, I’ve seen over 15 shows.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, there are commonalities when it comes to making changes to any part of your life – from adding a hobby such as Broadway to you transforming your body. As such, below are 3 lessons you can pull from my Broadway kick to you achieving your fitness goals.

3 Body Transformation Lessons from My Broadway Kick

1 – Know Why You Started Isn’t Why You’ll Continue

Often times why we start something, is not why we choose to continue it.

I had started to watch shows with one particular person, but when we stopped going together, I started to watch more at a higher rate and ended up enjoying them more.  For the past couple of months, really since the inaugaration, I’ve needed some more “uplifting” distractions and they have served that purpose amazingly (especially Come From Away).

 Broadway and 3 Body Transformation Lessons

Similarly, when it comes to a body transformation, often times people start working out because they “want to lose weight,” they’ve hit a wall with their own workouts, or they want to get ready for an event (think wedding or vacation), and yet, after they’ve hit their goals, they continue to workout.


Usually, it’s because although achieving the goal is nice, it’s no longer about the original goal. Instead, it’s about how working out makes them feel.  They feel more in control of their life, have an outlet for stress, they gain more mental clarity and they simply feel better, stronger, and healthier overall.  Why they started was just the first part of the journey, but if and when they’ve hit their initial destination, they continue to workout because it opened up a whole new life to them.

The opposite is when people stick to ONLY the Original reason why they started working out and rarely see long-term benefits. You see it all the time.

The person wants to lose 20 pounds, and as they workout and eat healthier, they only look at the weight.  If they don’t achieve the goal, they’re upset, usually at themselves and end up quitting.

These same people, if they do achieve their goal, end up reverting back to their old habits and lose out on all of the other benefits that eating healthy and working out afforded them.

Take Home Lesson: Know that no matter why you start, your goal is to find some deeper reason for you to continue!

2 – Know that You’re Not Going to Know a Ton Going In

When I started going to shows, I had no idea what was good or not, but I had heard of Hamilton, obviously.

And then I started to listen to recommendations. Since then, I’ve seen nearly every show that someone has recommended.

In general, I really dislike knowing about a show before I see it. I want to see it without any preconceived expectations and see it with fresh eyes.

Because of this I often times have no idea what I’m getting myself into and nearly every time, I’m pleasantly surprised by it.

In much the same way, those who start to workout usually don’t know a ton starting out. Many people think this is a bad thing, but I believe it’s a good thing.

The reason is because when people have expectations for their weight loss (or muscle gain), they end up never finding the other reasons to workout (1st lesson). They are often too focused on the expectations and don’t enjoy the journey.

Or, they end up falling down the information rabbit hole and end up reading and watching videos about working out without ever really starting.

Or they end up wondering about taking protein shakes after their workouts, what protein shake is best, etc (or any other non-important thing) and they never think to cook a healthy meal.

Take Home Lesson: Know it’s better to start, even if you don’t know everything you should be doing, and enjoy the journey as best you can. Learn along the way.

3 – You have to Make it a Priority – It’s an investment of Time and Money

Going to see Broadway shows is tough with my schedule.  I work 10-14 hour days Monday thru Friday and work til about 5 pm on Saturdays.  This means, out of all of the times I can see a show, would be on Saturday nights and Sundays. Saturdays, I enjoy a nap after a long week and usually don’t even wake up until 7:30 pm (most shows start at 8) and Sundays I would normally be relaxing (or writing a newsletter). Therefore, in order to see a show I had to change my schedule and priorities around.

In much the same way, when you’re trying to make a body transformation, you will have to make changes to your schedule, even if it’s just a little bit.

You’ll have to make changes to fit in working out more often. If you decide to meal prep and cook more, you’ll have to make time to go food shopping and then make time to cook and clean.

Also, although seeing a Broadway show is enjoyable, it’s usually not the cheapest (especially Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen). Knowing this though, I could focus on the cost or I could focus on the benefits of going to see the shows.

For me, it’s not even a question – I’ve made new memories with friends, I’ve found another thing I enjoy doing just for myself and sometimes by myself, and it’s made me expand my thinking and has definitely been worth the cost.

In much the same way, when you’re looking to make a body transformation, there will be costs involved.  These can be anything from gym fees, new sneakers and workout clothes, money for group classes, higher quality food, potential supplements and personal training.

Sometimes people only focus on the costs for these.  But there are usually so many other intangible things that they gain by working out more and eating healthier.

The benefits can include anything and everything from making new friends, uncovering more confidence, having more energy, relieving stress, sleeping better, improving your sex life or simply being healthier, amongst many others.

Take Home Lesson:  Remember, you get to choose your focus – on either the costs or the benefits of making changes.  Therefore, you get to make time (not find time) to prioritize working out, preparing your food and changing your life!

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