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New Class Format

Posted by on June 2, 2016 at 12:57 am

Two days ago, I spoke about overcoming Resistance.  Resistance was defined as the logical lies that hold us back from acting on ideas that would better our lives.  In the email, I discussed how you can only beat Resistance, one day at a time.  If you can win the battle, once a day, every day, then you will be well on your way to achieving your goals.

In today’s email, I will be discussing the Hardest 10% to achieving any goal while discussing an update to how the classes will run from here on out.

The Hardest 10%

I used to think that getting started was hardest part of any goal.  If you could just get started working towards a goal, then you were well on your way to achieving it…right?

And although I believe that getting started can be hard, I’ve also come to find out the last 10% can be even harder.

When you’ve been working towards a goal, you’ve had some success and you’re so close, but there’s so much work left to do, it’s easier to procrastinate.

Seth Godin talks about this has it “shipped.”  Are you proud of your work and will you sign your name to ship it.  “Always be shipping,” he says.  To him, it’s the main thing.  Is it completed and sent out?  Many people get 85-90% completed towards a goal and never complete the task.

But what about the middle.  That doesn’t come about easy either. Read the rest of New Class Format

3 Lessons for a More Awesome Life

Posted by on April 27, 2016 at 2:48 pm

There are periods in my life that substantially alter the path of my life.

About 5 years ago, I started on one such period.  During that time, I was managing a small fitness center where I was able to have lots of engagement with the client base, allowing me to not only manage the facility, but offer workout programs and personal training to lots of people and really hone my craft for years on end without the “need to sell fitness.”

What this meant was that every time I took a workshop or certification, I could run a free program and test out all of the ideas with people that were part of the gym.  It was great for them and I accumulated lots of experience while the information was fresh in my mind.

Yet I also knew the time was coming where I would outgrow that environment.  As much as I loved working with the people of that gym, I knew I would have to move on.  So I started working with Marc Perry and BuiltLean.  Over the course of the following year, I worked 40+ hours at the gym, started doing more training in NYC another 10-15 hours per week while starting to build up a small personal training business in Hoboken. Read the rest of 3 Lessons for a More Awesome Life

Changes for 2016

Posted by on December 27, 2015 at 10:58 pm

In 2015, I made a lot of changes, most of which were for the better.  I moved out on my own, moved personal training studios, created a small group class using nothing but kettlebells and body weight, where, surprisingly every person that has taken the class has gained muscle.  Not surprisingly is that they also lost fat.

But a lot of what I did over 2015, was basically a “warm-up” for future things.  I created my first online program, just so I would know how much time and effort it would take.  I created the 6-Week Creator’s Course so that I could work out the kinks and figure out what I wanted from the class.  I moved personal studios and started to experiment with the amount of people I could realistically fit into the space, while still delivering a good workout.  Overall though, all of these changes were necessary to start to put to fruition the next phase of helping more people achieve the body and health they want.

If 2015, was all about figuring out “how” to do things, 2016 will be about implementing those changes more into workable systems.  If you know me, you know I love systems.  I believe systems trump willpower and motivation when it comes to delivering results.  You can have all the willpower and motivation you want, but without the right systems in place, they will be for naught.

With that said, there will be a number of changes that will be rolled out over the first quarter of 2016.  Most of these changes are things I’ve been working more on over this last quarter.

Main Picture 300x297 Changes for 2016

1 – There will be New Classes

For instance, starting January 5th, I’m starting a 30-Day “Jump Start” program open to new clients or old clients.  There will be two time slots for these classes (Tue at 7:30 pm/Sat at 11:45 pm and Thurs at 7:30 pm/Sat at 12:30 pm).  They will be limited to 6 people per class and each one will include 8 progressively harder classes, a meal plan, daily emails and more for $249.  As of now, I have 6 confirmed individuals.

In addition to that, the 6-Week Creator’s Course will start in mid-January (more info on that at a later time).

From here on out, they will be considered Level I classes.  In March, I will be rolling out Level II classes open to those who have taken a Level I class and will assume that you know all of the movements from the Level I class.  Eventually, there will be Level III classes, but probably not until the 3rd quarter of 2016.

2 – New Facebook Page

I’ve delayed doing anything on Facebook for the past 4+ years.  This upcoming year, I plan to change that, so if you haven’t done so already, friend me on Facebook and, if you feel so inclined like the new HobokenFitness Page.

I will be using FB more regularly this year, with everything from Private FB Groups for the classes to posting more tips and special invites to events, which brings me to…

3 – New Monthly Talks

These will be held every 3rd Sunday of the month at 12 noon for 45 minutes.

January 17th – Best Way to Lose Belly Fat

February 21st– How to Improve Your Sleep

March 2oth – How to Create a Meal Plan You Can Live With

If you have ideas that you would like to be discussed, please send me them to me.

4 – New Membership Page for Current Clients

This one will be a work in progress for the first couple of months, but basically, at the end of one of our sessions, we’ll sign you up at the studio and $15 will be deducted from your credit card each month.  To make up the difference, I will give you $15 off your normal charges, making your investment $0 for being a client.

You will get access to eating/meal plans, workout videos, supplement recommendations, etc.  The benefit is that you will have all of the information you will ever need in one spot and if you ever stop training, you can still have access to the information. At the end of January, I plan on starting to add a video of the workout of the week, similar to the frequency of the “Weekly Lessons.”

5 – New Programs and Websites

If/When I find time I will start to lay the ground work for a membership site for non-clients.  This will be a site dedicated to the development of my actual training and eating philosophy – Realistic Healthy Living.

After these initial programs are in order (the first 6 items on this list), I plan on nurturing that baby a bit more.

In this age of extremes, of zealots from every angle of the fitness industry – the Crossfitters to the Yogis, to the complete vegans to the “I eat a pound of bacon with breakfast, because…” – there are very few “moderate voices” that are not complete and utter non-sense.

There are very few places for people who simply want to look and feel better, without making fitness their lives, that have good information.  The mainstream stuff hurts me with their half-science claims and the “hardcore” stuff is so niche that the “moderates” have very few places to turn to for information actually backed by both science and experience.  There are a few though.

I’ve touched upon these things a few times over the past few years, but this year, is really when I want to see that come to fruition.  Good information, that is useful, doesn’t prescribe to the extremes, for people who want to be healthier and happier with their body.  Simple.

There are a lot of other smaller changes, being done on the back-end that might be useful for you to know:

6 – Revamped website

Beyond that, the website is being revamped to a more fluid design and will now be its own site, not part of which will continue to host the weekly lessons and blog.

7 – New Scheduling System

I’ve experimented with a few in the past, but this year, I will go full electronic with the appointments (probably not until February/March), but payments and scheduling will be made mostly through there.

8 – Updated Release of Liability Forms – They just need to be updated and have been.  It’ll be a quick update.

9 – An actual sign outside – I still wouldn’t hold your breath on this one yet, but by the end of January there should be a sign out there.

10 – You!

A Changed You

Often times, the saying around New Year’s is, “New Year, New You,” but the fact remains, that it’ll still be you in the New Year’s, so not a “New You.”  But there can be a changed you!

So how do you successfully change?  Three main things:

1 – You get tired of your current situation.  You can either want something better or just hate your current circumstance, but either way, you need an impetus towards taking different actions.

2 – You find systems that work for you.  For example, if you want to lose weight, then systems include meal prep with a plan for when to actually do it, workouts that keep you coming back, etc.

3 – You find something that holds you accountable to the things you want to change. 

In other words you need desire, a plan and feedback.
That’s what change is.  Simple.  Having changes stick over the long-term is hard, because those three things need to be continually re-fed.  It’s like eating.  Having the largest meal in the world isn’t going to hold you over for a week.

If you haven’t been as active over the holidays as you would like and want to use a system that can work to get you back on track, let me know if you’re interested in the 30-Day “Jump Start” Program that starts in January.  I can’t provide the desire, but I can provide the systems and help with holding you a bit more accountable.

Either way, I hope you have plans for a changed and better you in the New Year’s.  Cheers!

Aim for Perfection First, then Be Realistic

Posted by on November 7, 2015 at 12:18 am

If there is one thing that is true about the fitness and weight loss industry it’s that anything works…and simultaneously, nothing works.

You have everything from the “Twinkie diet” to low fat diets, to low carb diets, to if it fits in your macros, to “cutting portions” to everything else in between.

I’ve wrote about the fundamentals of fat loss quite a few times over the past year (here and here) that I won’t rehash now, but I will say, the only thing that matters is “Does it work for you?”  If so, continue it.  If not, give something else a chance.

Eat a Skinny Person Aim for Perfection First, then Be Realistic

That would be a new diet…


Read the rest of Aim for Perfection First, then Be Realistic