Hoboken Kettlebell Training

Hoboken kettlebell training is very popular in the gyms. It is a fun way of working out with large
weights, using the weight of the kettlebells to swing around. It makes for an interesting workout.
Picture holding a kettlebell shaped weight and swinging it wide and around. The weight is
significant; it causes the muscles in your arms, legs, and core to work out. Professional athletes
even do kettlebell training and now many average people do as well because it is very beneficial
to add to their workout routines.

Kettlebell training in Hoboken is not intended to take the place of any other workout routines such
as strength and endurance training and cardio workouts. Kettlebell works to help the body to
balance by forcing coordinated movements. Because they are heavier weights, they also cause
the body to develop more power. However, adding Kettlebell training into the mixture makes for
a nice break from the other workouts and it is as fun as dancing. It offers a rejuvenating quality to
the workouts, so people do them for a refreshing break, but get a good workout regardless.

The training with a kettlebell in Hoboken works well as a portion of your whole workout routine.
The basic exercises with the kettlebell works well when added as a warm up to the strength or
cardio workouts, or do well also at the end. You can incorporate the kettlebell workout as a part
of your whole routine, to help mix it up a bit. Try alternating with the swings, deadlifts, high pulls,
rows, and squats. This will have your entire body feeling the workout, so you know all your
muscle groups will have a chance to flex and pull.

If you enjoy cross training in Hoboken, you can add in the training with the kettlebell to give you a
variation. This helps the body to rest from the other cardio and strength and endurance training,
as you swing the kettlebell. It is a fun break from the mundane workout routines. Try doing the
training with music, as you get rhythm and swing with the beat. Kettlebell training is not meant to
be a stand along workout, so never just do this without adding in the other workouts with it.
Those with proper experience with exercise should only do Kettlebells.

If you do Hoboken kettlebell training you will need to choose the right size that will benefit your
body. Kettlebells start with five-pound weights and go all the way to one hundred pounds, with
five-pound increments. It is easy to start small and as you work up your strength and endurance,
you can increase the weight. A person who is able to use a 100-pound kettlebell is one who is
strong and very accustomed to working out regularly.


 Hoboken Kettlebell

Patricia Garofalo



Patricia before Hoboken Kettlebell Patricia after Hoboken Kettlebell

John has taken the time to show me proper technique and has pushed me further than I would push myself. He knows what I am capable of and uses that to push me further. I’ve seen amazing results!

Those results include finally hitting my ideal weight.  

You know those last 5-10 pounds you “can’t lose,” well I lost them working with John!  

I now have a toned back and arms and have much more endurance, although we never did any jogging.

In addition to those results, John has taken the time to offer additional advice on diet and taking supplements while working around my crazy schedule.

Training with John has changed my life for the better, not only in terms of bodily changes, but with increased self confidence and a lot more energy.

I would absolutely recommend John to family and/or friends. The actions they should take include first ensuring that they are serious about wanting to make a change in their life. They need to make the time to be able to train and follow your advice on diet. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

I feel I look better now, than I did 10 years ago!

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