Making the Most of Your Kettlebell Training in Hoboken

Kettlebell training in Hoboken will take your workout routine to a new level by adding some fun
calorie and fat burning power. The Russians first tried the kettlebells with huge success and they
use it as a part of their strength training for many years now. The variety of workouts out-numbers
many of the basics and adds a fun creativity to an otherwise boring routine. Kettlebells are very
useful with the basics not in place of them. They work to augment normal workout routines,
adding in a refreshing change. They work to help build strength when used with the basics, and
though you may prefer to use them exclusively, try to keep in mind the body needs the other
training as well.

Hoboken training with kettlebells is simply using an iron weight in the shape of a kettle. The
weights start at a mere five pounds and work their way up to one hundred pounds in small
increments of five. A woman may start with a five pound while a strong man may start with a
twenty-pound weight. Even though lightweights may seem easy, do what your trainer
recommends avoiding injury. If you injure yourself, it will slow down your progress. It is better to
be safe and user lighter weights and work up to the heavier ones.

One thing training with kettlebells in Hoboken will do for you is to help work with your balance.
By being in good balance, you will be able to operate in a wider range of motion as you swing
the weights around. If balance is an issue, you will need to start small and slow and work up until
you have the balance under control. If you do not, your risk of injury are greater. Never workout
to the point of feeling as if you will pass out. Always take a break if you start to feel this way,
catch your breath, and drink some water.

Proper training sessions will push you, but will not break you. If you add in training with
kettlebells, you will need to make sure you are not over fatigued before starting. Having a warm
up and a cool down are very important. In addition, do the kettlebell training in conjunction with
cardiovascular and strength training. Do a little of each through the week and never focus on just
one, especially not on just the kettlebells. Kettlebells augment your basic normal workout
routines and serve to add a refreshing and fun break to the mundane exercises.

You can make the most of your kettlebell training in Hoboken by looking at your fitness goals as
a whole picture, encompassing cardiovascular, strength, and endurance with the kettlebells.
Kettlebells are useful as a nice break with the basics, but make sure you are strong enough to
use them without causing injury.

Patricia Garofalo



Patricia before Kettlebell Training in Hoboken Patricia after Kettlebell Training in Hoboken

John has taken the time to show me proper technique and has pushed me further than I would push myself. He knows what I am capable of and uses that to push me further. I’ve seen amazing results!

Those results include finally hitting my ideal weight.  

You know those last 5-10 pounds you “can’t lose,” well I lost them working with John!  

I now have a toned back and arms and have much more endurance, although we never did any jogging.

In addition to those results, John has taken the time to offer additional advice on diet and taking supplements while working around my crazy schedule.

Training with John has changed my life for the better, not only in terms of bodily changes, but with increased self confidence and a lot more energy.

I would absolutely recommend John to family and/or friends. The actions they should take include first ensuring that they are serious about wanting to make a change in their life. They need to make the time to be able to train and follow your advice on diet. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

I feel I look better now, than I did 10 years ago!

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