How To Gain The Best Out of a Personal Trainer in Hoboken

A personal trainer in Hoboken will work with you to help you get back into shape, toning your
body and building strength and endurance. They will motivate you to work harder than what you
would if you do this alone. A trainer does not come cheap so you will want to do what you can to
get the best out of your time with them. Your trainer will help to come up with a workout routine
that is optimum for you based on your body build and present state of health. They will help you
to help yourself but there are things you can do to make sure you are at your best as well.

A Hoboken personal trainer may have you do aerobics over Pilates and yoga at the beginning
because it helps to burn the most fat. They know that if you have a weight issue they will have to
work with you to shed those pounds first. They will have you doing aerobics, jogging and
swimming first. For best results make sure you at least have a small meal or a light snack to
energize your body. This will give you the energy to make the most of your workout routine and
time with your trainer. Without this energy, you will feel lethargic and will not have enough
energy to make it through a whole session.

Your personal trainer whether in Hoboken or wherever you are will have you working with the
right gear for your workouts. You will have to have the right clothing and shoes, which mean the
shorts are for working out, and shoes meant for training. Having the best outfit and shoes will
help to keep the body safe from injuries. Ask your trainer if you have the right equipment prior to
starting. They will advise you to wear clothing and shoes that will protect your joints, knees, and
feet during the workouts. The fabric needs to be the kind that will absorb sweat during the
workouts as well as allows the skin to breathe.

To make the most of your workouts with your personal trainer in Hoboken leave your cell phone
in the locker or in your car. You do not want to have to worry with interruptions. Let family and
friends know you will be busy during your session times, so you can focus all your attention and
time on what your trainer is having you to do. After your workout session, grab a protein snack to
time on what your trainer is having you to do. After your workout session, grab a protein snack to
help reenergize your muscles. This is especially helpful if you are working out to build muscles.
If you must have breaks within your workout routines, make them short so you can garner the
best results from your time with your personal trainer.




Carolyn before Personal Trainer in Hoboken Carolyn after Personal Trainer in Hoboken

Patricia Garofalo



Patricia before Personal Trainer in Hoboken Patricia after Personal Trainer in Hoboken

John has taken the time to show me proper technique and has pushed me further than I would push myself. He knows what I am capable of and uses that to push me further. I’ve seen amazing results!

Those results include finally hitting my ideal weight.  

You know those last 5-10 pounds you “can’t lose,” well I lost them working with John!  

I now have a toned back and arms and have much more endurance, although we never did any jogging.

In addition to those results, John has taken the time to offer additional advice on diet and taking supplements while working around my crazy schedule.

Training with John has changed my life for the better, not only in terms of bodily changes, but with increased self confidence and a lot more energy.

I would absolutely recommend John to family and/or friends. The actions they should take include first ensuring that they are serious about wanting to make a change in their life. They need to make the time to be able to train and follow your advice on diet. This is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.

I feel I look better now, than I did 10 years ago!

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