Ready to Take Action Towards a Better You?

Over the past week, I’ve sent a number of emails:
B – Giving you a Fat Loss Checklist,
D – Giving you a Template to get back into working out if you’ve taken a little while off
I try to give this information to help you, even if I’m not going to work with you in-person.  For those that work with me in person, it’s good information to help reinforce what I’m trying to help you do – to make positive changes in your life.
Nearly every email above also discussed information about the upcoming 6-week course.

This class is meant to help you jumpstart your healthy habits.  These habits should be reinforced with daily emails and accountability during the classes.
The classes offer you some of the best training techniques for fat loss, including, but not limited to a good dynamic warm-up, strength training, high-intensity interval training with large multi-joint movements.
If your eyes glazed over with that last sentence, that’s the “personal trainer speak” coming out in me.
Here’s a dictionary of what those things mean:
Dynamic movements: A combination of movements like jumping jacks and static holds like a push-up plank, combined with stretches and movements inspired from yoga to help increase your heart rate and get your muscles ready for action.
Strength movements: Lots of different types of squats, hip hinge movements, push-ups, rows, lunges, amongst many other movements.  These movements, when done correctly should help to give you a toned look and help preserve muscle if you’re eating for fat loss (aka, in a caloric deficit).
High-Intensity Interval Training: Different cardio movements that help to spike your heart rate, followed by a short period of rest, meant to bring your heart rate back down temporarily, before doing it again.  This cyclical nature of the intensity helps you to burn more overall calories than most standard “cardio” sessions.  Minute for minute, high-intensity interval training burns more calories than jogging, the elliptical and cycling.  If you’re looking to burn fat in the most efficient way possible, this is the way to do it.
Large multi-joint movements:  Squats with a press, squats, burpees, the rowing machine, battle ropes, and lots of other movements that use as many muscles as you can to help you burn as many calories as possible.
The purpose is one thing – to make you better. 
Do What You Can 300x300 Ready to Take Action Towards a Better You?
If you can get stronger, stay flexible and burn fat in the most efficient way possible, than your workouts are good and then you only have one other part of the equation, eating.
And that’s where the eating plan and daily emails come into play.  If you follow the structure of the eating plan, not necessarily the exact eating plan, then you are well on your way to building the habits that will deliver you the results you want.

The Purpose of the Program

That’s the purpose of the program.  There are other workout systems that focus on burning fat.  They are focused on getting you to eat healthier for a little bit.  But any program can do that.  That’s simple.
The hard part is and always will be the habits.
If you can build the habits of intense workouts combined with more daily activity and building up the habits of eating for fat loss, then not only does fat loss happen, but you then have a system to help you keep it off for good.
Temporary fat loss is not good enough.
Purpose of the Program = Building the habits that helps you keep the fat off for good
If that’s something you’re looking for, something you can devote a little extra time to help build those habits, then I’d love to hear from you.
If that’s not your goal, then let me know what your goal is.
If you don’t think you can have the time for it, I’d still love for you to come in for a Free Assessment/Workout.
Action = Dedication towards a Better You
Everyone wants better, but not everyone is willing to take, the sometimes uncomfortable, actions to get them better results.
If you want something different, you have to take different actions.
If you’re ready for something different, contact me at and I’ll set you up with a Free Assessment. 

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